May 3 2017

Fun City Sunshine was a family owned and operated business that has seen a tragic fire on Tuesday night.
Firstly we would like to thank all the wonderful emergency services for their wonderful selfless and very hard work that they have put in throughout the night. We send our thanks to all including The wonderful work of what looked to be around 100 firemen and women along with police, ambulance, and even the wonderful work of the Salvation Army.
Fortunately Fun City Sunshine had been closed for several weeks and most of our equipment had been moved out of the building since early April as many of you know, so nobody was in the building and therefore we suffered no physical injuries or losses.
We would also like to send our thanks on behalf of the whole Fun City family for the love and support from all of you out there. Thank you all it means the world to us.
We ask that you all now to please give the family and staff members a chance to regroup and deal with this unfortunate event and mourn our loss of a loved family built business.

March 2017

Sunshine Fun City has closed, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused to you or your group
Vouchers can still be used at Shepparton, please email to or call 58231224 to book in.
If not the voucher supplier will refund you if you don’t want to travel to Shepparton.

If you have a party booking we will contact you to arrange a refund of the deposit made.

Call 0456 034 148, we will try to answer the call
Or email


Darren and Angie Shaw.

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