Bungee Run

The Bungee Run is great fun for all ages. It brings out the challenge to win in all age groups. This fully inflatable structure provides a safe environment in which you can test your strengths. Great for mum to verse dad and the boss to slaughter the secretary.

Simply take off your shoes, put on one of our vests which has a bungee cord attached on the back. Run against the powerful bungee cord and then bungee back to the start. Be sure to run, and slam the velcro marker on the wall . The furthest marker wins!
How far can you go?

Bungee run is great fun and is a different experience for everyone. The harder you run, the faster you bungee back. Your landing can see you flat on your backside, sometimes even seeing you somersault.
Bungee run is not for unfit people or anyone with disabilities. The bungee run is our most favourite birthday party option.